We are a family run independent business offering excellent products at great prices.  As much as possible we try to stock British made and British designs. We hope you will enjoy and be inspired by browsing our website for the Home and Country Store based in deep rural Herefordshire.

You will notice throughout our collection that we have our own angle and bring something unique to the High street and online shopping. This is due to us having had a lifetime interest in country living and pursuits. We have retailed since 1986, mostly visiting agricultural shows, game fairs and horse trials.

We have listened for 35 years from our specialist customer base which include frontline country folk, farmers, gamekeepers, horsey and lovers of the outdoors. Therefore, we have built an appreciation of what's needed to enjoy the elements and the quality needed to endure the same. We understand how important it is to enjoy a carefree outdoor experience and relax in your attire and not stress over its vast price tag that you may get covered in mud or caught on a fence. We hope our collection fills that criteria. Stomp and splash as much as you like, life is for living.

Our same customer base has taught us that when it comes to footwear, comfort, wearability and quality is the only focus and this is reflected in our trusted cult brands offered. We always have some select gifts and treats that will fit into any home such as our sought after collection of doggy and animal cushions, there is always room for another one of these!! Every care will always be taken to meet your requests and orders, we may have a few old fashioned ways but pride ourselves on some old fashioned standards too.

Nick and Heather